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I have worked in the lottery and casino industry for a number of years.  In the past, I have come across some very good lottery and casino companies, and ones that are also very bad.  With this web site, my intention is to recommend websites for companies that I know and in many cases from people I have met.  Because I've met these individuals, I feel very comfortable in recommending their sites as legitimate.  Their software will have been tested by third parties to ensure that they have regular winners, and that they are actually paying out to their customers.  From time to time, I'll highlight these sites on the right hand side of the website.  By clicking on the link and playing on the recommended sites, you'll ensure that I can continue to be your detective, looking for legitimate sites and steering you away from bad ones. 

Best of luck to all of you, keep coming back for updates.

There are many other sites that I will recommend as well that will help you check as to whether you are dealing with a honest lottery site, or one that has only been established to take your money.  One of the best sites in this regard that I have found is: